Holiday traditions

One of the things I’ve worried about as I grow up is potentially losing family traditions (in part because of traditions are a little different..). It’s probably because the sisters were in London for Thanksgiving, but this year I’ve made an effort to embrace the holiday and traditions more.

While it’s not a drink that’s particularly well known (as far as I can tell, anyway), our family is big on Tom and Jerry drinks this time of year. Despite valiant efforts (which really means we only hit up two stores), we were unable to find the batter mix. So the little sister decided to be brave and make a homemade Tom and Jerry batter.

T&J and Cookies

Pure goodness (and foreshadowing to another holiday tradition…):


Before the Uno game could commence, we had our annual viewing of Christmas specials (which we normally watch a few days before Christmas, but the day I lost due to snow and other projects delayed it). The specials originated as a VHS tape that the middle sister thankfully converted to a DVD for each of us for posterity sake. It’s got a range of Christmas shows (Frosty, Charlie Brown, Santa Bear, Garfield, the Grinch, etc) that our parents recorded on TV in 1988. Our favorite part? The commercials. You really can’t beat the old school McDonald’s, toy and Cocoa Cola commercials, not to mention previews for upcoming made-for-tv-specials. This year my favorite part was also snuggling with the golden retriever.


Christmas Eve always ends with an (intense) Uno game between the sisters (we tried to include our parents a few years back but they gave up in frustration because we cheat. A lot.).  I don’t know how the annual battle started, but it’s become a legit fight to the bitter end. We’re actually thinking of getting a traveling trophy for the winner because it’s such an esteemed title. Last year was best of 15 games and this year, because it got a little too heated and late, we only did best of 10. But I’m proud to announce I’m this year’s winner!


I lied, though. Technically Christmas Eve ends with all of us sleeping in the middle’s bed. Again, we have no idea when or how this started, but it’s a tradition we’re not willing to break. Even as adults, the three of us (and the two dogs…) crawl into her queen-size bed. Inevitably the little ends up on the floor and we don’t get much sleep, but at least for the first hours or two we’re all snuggled up (though the black labrador tried to call dibs on the bed first):


There’s other little things about this time of year that I’ve come to look forward to year after year, including simple things like having the whole family read with a fire in the fireplace. I know there was a reason this is my favorite time of year. ♥


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