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The day finally came to hand out the last of my homemade Christmas presents. These were a little less stressful – not only in crafting them but also because they’re family (although perhaps that makes it worse since they’re not afraid to tell me what they really think…).

Thankfully, they all seemed to go over quite well this morning. Four gifts (technically just two separate projects) incorporated my love for jars and desire to be sentimental. Since the three sisters are away from home for long stretches of time, we wanted to give them little mementos of us in the form of a Pinterest project. We each wrote 52 memories, reasons we love our family, quotes and other miscellaneous notes so that each week our parents can pull out three slips of paper, one from each of us. The parents loved it, and on top of it, the sisters had a grand ol’ time reminiscing about our childhood (since we were naturally pulling this together the other night…).

The other craft was also a lot of fun to create. Just a few days before going home, I decided to copy Lindsay and make date jars for my parents and two sisters + their significant others. It actually made me want to craft one for myself, but I apparently prefer googledocs for that sort of thing since you can cross items off and continually add to it… The intent of the jar is to pull out two ideas (or more) each month for unique dates (though I can’t promise they’ll want to follow through on all my suggestions, but I threw five blank sticks in so they can create their own to compensate).


The final gift is one that I was incredibly apprehensive about making. As I mentioned last weekend, it’s often difficult to craft gifts because I have my own particular taste and style. The middle sister asked me to create smaller canvases for her entertainment shelf (a DIY project!) that matched the colors and wall art in her living room. With nothing but small photos on my phone, I set out to find a something that would mesh well with what she already had.

Living Room

While the colors (particularly the blue) are a lot more bold than I anticipated or wanted, I was rather impressed with the final product. I took slightly different approaches with each one that hopefully all tie together. I’m really crazy about the top canvas (which was the middle’s favorite as well), and I may have a new take on the canvas I’ve been talking about forever for my living room…


It’s hard to believe another holiday season is coming to a close. It was definitely another one for the books, though based on how many gifts and projects I had to finish up last minute, I should probably start a little earlier next year. Isn’t that always the case though?


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