Gearing up for December

I couldn’t be more thrilled that December is here. Not only does it mean the hectic month of November is over, but it means I can really start looking forward to the holiday season (although being able to wear sandals with this 50-degree weather has me thinking it’s spring… I’ll be in for a rude awakening when I actually have to pull out my winter coat).

Primarily because of everything going on last month, I feel a bit out of sorts. I’m still trying to get my body to figure out some concept of day or time, and yesterday’s workout was a bit harder than it should be (although walking around London counts as exercise, right?). My sisters trip to London was definitely an adventure, but in some ways it feels like I need a vacation from my vacation.

In an attempt to get my life back on track, I’ve surprisingly been re-energized by focusing on goals. It’s (sadly) been awhile since I’ve had my monthly goals or really given any thought to the monthly action plans I created for 2012. Looking back, I’ve done pretty well with most of those goals just naturally, but there’s nothing like checking something off a list or putting one of those clothepins in the jar. I like that feeling of accomplishment, and with a new year just a few weeks ago, I figured it was the perfect time to end the year with a bang.

This month I primarily want to focus on purging and organizing – both broadly and specifically (if that even makes sense). I need to start with the basics, which namely includes my closets, shelves and desk, which is where I always seem to struggle (particularly now that it’s a craft area as well). By the time the new year comes around, I don’t want a lot of stuff weighing me down or cluttering up my apartment. I can’t promise I’ll tackle it once and for all, but at least for a few weeks or months I’ll have some order to the mess that is currently my spare bedroom/craftroom.

Then I want to get down to the nitty-gritty, which primarily pertains to books (and probably more once I put more thought into it). It’s a little sad thinking about how many books I own and haven’t read. On my bedside stand alone, I have 5 books I’ve been meaning to read and also 2 library books. That wouldn’t be bad until you consider that I have three other bookshelves and my Nook… Not that I’ll be able to part with any books. I think it’s just time to take stock of the books I need to read and start tackling those before I have another massive splurge at the library or used bookstore. Thankfully winter provides the perfect opportunity to leisurely reading.

A lot of this need/desire for organization is fueled by reading Happier at Home (I actually read it for a bit on my first flight and it prompted a great chat with my seat-mate Helen, who was also coincidentally traveling for her own sisters trip). One month was focused on making her home more functional and comfortable, and getting rid of the items that weren’t useful or didn’t have much sentimental value helped not only organize her house, but also made her feel better mentally. After last month, that sounds like exactly what I need.

The other message from her book that’s resonated with me lately is picking a theme for the new year. Lindsay also uses this concept, with her word for next year being “expand.” I’ve got a pretty good idea of what mine will be for the next year, but given that I came up with it in about 45 seconds, I want to give it a bit more thought. Stay tuned!


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