Leave it to me to take a perfectly normal verb and make it take on a completely different meaning.

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, in part because I spent a lot of it working on canvases (or canvassing, apparently). The only bad thing is my freshly mopped floors and scrubbed counters soon had paint splatters and magazine cutouts scattered all over, although it was a small price to pay.

My trial run was a quote canvas, since I want to create an inspirational one for my office. I was hoping to do “I ❤ possibilities” but alas, possibilities did not fit on the canvas regardless of the orientation. Time for plan B (since I already had the heart…). Although I wanted the fun background for the letters, I first needed to make sure the cut-outs I got at the craft store actually worked for the craft. Lo and behold, it did!

It’s not the one I’m going to hang at the office, but it’ll make a great addition in my spare bedroom or even my room. Plus it was a good precursor to the next canvas…

Not wanting to jump into another canvas using letters just yet (it took more time and focus than I anticipated), I spotted another simple canvas designed with painter’s tape. I was initially going to paint it all one color but decided to throw in three sections of the gray from the quote canvas. The canvas tape I purchased worked quite well, so I may have to experiment with other colors and designs for future canvassing.

The final canvas was (what I thought would be) my bread and butter. Since the letters worked well, I thought I’d move to the next level and use the magazine backgrounds. Turns out that mod podge is much more difficult to use than I thought, so it was hard to create a sturdy background. I also discovered it works better to have just one or two patterns per letter. The ones where I had more than that turned out too lumpy and hard to read, which in hindsight makes sense.

In part because of that, I can’t say I’m entirely sold on the finished product. It was a good lesson learned, though. For my work canvas I think I’m going to try using scrapbooking paper and limit it to just a few backgrounds. I may also need another alternative to mod podge, although perhaps it works different with a different paper. And obviously this one isn’t work appropriate, but I’ve already got a spot for it in my spare bedroom.

While they’re not all three going to be hung in the same location, they don’t make a bad trio:

I must say, this canvassing venture is much, much more successful than my pottery venture two years ago. Plus I got three (soon to be four, once I get a game plan for my work quote canvas) pieces of wall art for $30. Not a bad bargain if I do say so myself. Although if I keep this up, I may run out of wall space.


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