Difficulty level 5

This week I decided to focus on my health – quality workouts, plenty of sleep and better eating habits. As you might imagine, two weekends in a row of festivities and being on the road for three days last week left me feeling rather blah, for lack of a better word. Not only that, but I was ready to get back into the kitchen. Aside from the salsa I featured two weeks ago and white chicken chili I made last week, I’ve hardly touched my kitchen.

I wish I would have selected a different recipe to get back into the swing of things.

I found (on pinterest, of course) a chicken tetrazzini recipe that looked phenomenal. Only now scrolling through the reviews did I notice that it’s difficult to make and not so great as leftovers, particularly arrowroot powder (which of course I didn’t bother with, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal).

Anywho, I had approximately 70 minutes from the time I got home until I had to leave for zumba (side rant: they’re starting to cap my zumba class at 55 people. It’s great they won’t be packing 70+ into the group fitness room, but it means I have to show up at least 20 minutes before class even starts to get a ticket to reserve my spot in the class. Boo).

When I first glanced at the recipe, I was excited that it needed to bake for 20 minutes. I figured I’d whip everything together in no time, throw it in the oven and then be set. Wrong.

The timing of the meal was difficult, primarily because there was so much going on at once. For most of the prep work, I had four pots sautéing or boiling. Normally I’m cool under pressure (not), but that was intense even for someone who’s relatively good at balancing cooking acts.

One of my struggles with pasta will always be the portion size. I never measure it. Thankfully I had enough veggies on hand to keep the ratio of pasta to chicken to veggies relatively even. What’s weird (although now that I read the reviews I get why) is that even though I had more pasta and veggies than the recipe called for, I still had way too much of the sauce. Who knew arrowroot powder would come back to bite me.

When it was all said and done (10 minutes before I had to leave, although that didn’t stop me from sampling it), it actually looked pretty amazing:

I’m nervous to see how the leftovers go tomorrow, but aside from my minor struggles, I really liked this dish. While I’m a big fan of sauces, I hate having to use cream of chicken or a ton of cheese. It had just the right amount of flavor, tons of veggies (I added in broccoli, sugar snap peas and corn to the carrots and peas the recipe called for) and the bread crumbs I threw on top just for the heck of made it perfect.

Perhaps I should attempt challenging recipes more often!


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