My kind of salads

Normally I reserve Sundays for making more complex dinners and long workouts. It’s a good thing I do, since last night’s meal probably wasn’t as healthy as it should have been.

I’ve got a weakness for chicken salad sandwiches. I don’t know what it is, but if I spot it on any menu, there’s a 98% chance I’m going to order it. I had yet to brave actually making it my own, in part because I didn’t know what actually constitutes good chicken salad by my taste bud’s standards. Regardless, I figured it was about time I give it a shot.

I searched around for a recipe but didn’t have a clue what I was looking for, other than chicken and mayo. In the end I decided to use a few different recipes as guides but didn’t even bother to measure anything. One thing I did do differently was using plain greek yogurt to substitute some of the mayo and sour cream (which I didn’t put in at all since it seemed a bit odd to me). I also threw in grapes, since that’s what I normally have in chicken salad sandwiches.


I won’t say I was over the moon about it, but I’d make it again when a chicken salad sandwich craving strikes. I’m definitely learning that I have much better luck with dishes that I randomly find, as opposed to trying to find a recipe to create something I love (like the dang orzo salad in the student center — still on the search for a copycat of that).

Thankfully my side dish was a random find: chili lime shrimp pasta salad. I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t find shrimp for a good price, so I had to modify the recipe a bit (but what else is new?) and used chicken instead. I was surprised by how much I liked the baby spinach in there, too. That might be an addition to my future salads, whether they be pasta or quinoa based.

In the end, I felt like the pasta salad would almost be better without the lime dressing. I’d mixed it up in a separate container and when I opened it, the scent was overpowering. In part it’s that I don’t think garlic fits the rest of the flavors. I only used a bit of the dressing, so the pasta salad itself is still in its original form. I may try mixing in italian dressing or even balsamic vinegar to see how that meshes. Although that doesn’t really make it a chili lime shrimp pasta…

At least it all looks colorful:

I’m also learning that I need to figure out a better strategy for cooking/leftovers. I always think it’s going to be a great idea to have leftovers for work, but usually by day 3 I barely want to look at it, much less eat it. It’s time to start being more strategic in serving sizes so I have a realistic amount of leftovers. Pasta salad for a week probably isn’t going to fly.


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