A photo a day

I know I decided to take a break from setting goals after my ambitious list in June, but I ran across something that might work in my favor during the next few weeks.

Gretchen Rubin posted an excerpt from a chapter in her new book, and naturally I couldn’t resist reading it. The focus was primarily on time – we all claim not to have much free time, but how do you go about changing that? How do you find and make time for the things that are important to you and/or you love? True to her monthly goal structure, she made January about prioritizing her time.

Much of what she wrote about rings true for me, but what surprisingly stood out most was her example of photos. Last month when I vowed to spend an afternoon or evening for “me time” each week, I made a list of possible tasks I could do during that time (how lame do I sound?). One of those tasks (which has actually been on my long-term to-do list for years) is going through my photos to better organize them and delete the ones I’ll never use (you’d be surprised how many photos I take just to get one decent shot of a meal or specific dish…).

The task, however, always seems daunting, and thankfully I’m not alone in that.

These days, digital cameras make it much easier to take and improve photos – but that was a curse as well as a blessing. I liked taking photographs, but turning them into permanent keepsakes now took a lot more effort. …it was time hunched in front of the computer, clicking and typing, just as I do all day long. … I’d been promising myself that I’d organize an album ‘in my free time,’ but the fact is, I never have any free time. I never wander aimlessly through the apartment, looking for something to do. But making the album was a priority for me, so I wrote it on my calendar like a visit to the pediatrician. I would suffer for just 15 minutes a day.

I love her thought process, probably because we’re somewhat alike in how we tackle goals. Like Gretchen mentions in the chapter and in her previous book, she’s an abstainer more than a moderator. She’d rather workout everyday or give up something (soda, chocolate, whatever) altogether to make a goal very clear cut. Otherwise (and she words it way more eloquently than I ever could) each day you exhaust yourself wondering whether this is the day you’ll actually work on the said goal.

I’m very much the same way. Even when I had the goal of only drinking pop once a week, it’s a constant “is today the soda day?” Too much room for temptation and error. Perhaps a daily goal is more up my alley. I’m going to start it this weekend and see how it goes over the next week or so.  It’s high time I got my photos (and then music…) under control.


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