Summer sides

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I used game night as the perfect opportunity to pull out some new dishes. Whenever I have to make dishes for more than one or two people, I feel like I should call my mom and give her props for catering to such diverse tastes. Onions or no onions? Will onion powder be acceptable? Peppers or no peppers?

Even though onions and peppers are ever-so-slowly growing on me, I still always have a little dilemma about whether to include them in my dishes. For this bean salad (which in retrospect actually reminds me of my quinoa-based salads) I also debated on the jalapeno. In the end it all went in, but I figured it would be a slight struggle since it calls for grilled onion, jalapeno and corn, which is probably much better than sautéing it. Regardless, it still packed a lot of flavor.

We actually decided the bean salad would also be used as a good dip, particularly for Mexican dishes. If I make it in the future I’d probably toss in mangos and try to grill the corn instead of attempting to cook it in a skillet, but all the flavors came together pretty well.

In part because I wasn’t sure how the bean salad would go over, I also wanted to try something new with potatoes. It’s usually my habit to just put crushed red peppers on it and call it good, so I was a little hesitate about using rosemary. I was also torn on the tomatoes, but I actually really like cooked tomatoes. I probably should have thrown the tomatoes in when I flipped the potatoes halfway through so they didn’t get so baked, but I still really enjoyed them.

The flavors between the two side dishes were a bit different and probably more dramatic than I would normally pick for a social gathering, but it was still fun to experiment. Plus it made for such a colorful plate:

Although rather than plugging recipes I’d rather be plugging one of my new favorite games —  “Would You Rather…?”. It definitely needs to be added to my non-existent collection of games (which I may need to work on, since between good food and good games, how could game night not grow in popularity?).


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