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This morning has been one for the books. Normally I love my lazy Saturday mornings – brew a big pot of coffee and spend the morning reading, journaling, surfing the internet, lounging in bed. It’s a fabulous way to start my weekend.

Today’s a bit more hectic so I had to plan wisely. Not only have I gotten in a great workout, downed three mugs of coffee and gone to the craft store, but I also managed to finish up two more crafts. And it’s just approaching noon!

When I was crafting my canvases a couple days ago, I also dug out a frame I had in my closet. The glass broke so it was just a frame (an ugly one at that) and flimsy cardboard. Since I wasn’t entirely sure where I would put my finished canvases, I wanted to keep options open for home decor. I figured since I had the paint out anyway, I could at least paint over the frame so it would match the canvases if need be.

This is what I started with:

There was still a blank wall in my room, and I mentioned awhile back that I was toying with the idea of fabric behind a mirror. Let me tell you, it’s darn near impossible to find an inexpensive frame to work with like that! It was back to square one, trying to figure out what would help bring the room together. Then I remembered I had extra fabric from my photo board and bulletin board.

I broke out my glue gun (I’m running out of glue sticks because I’ve become so obsessed with it!) and attached the orange fabric from my homemade photo board to the cardboard. Already it looked much better. Plus since it didn’t have glass, I had a bit more flexibility with what I could do with it.

I knew I needed something, but what? Even when I went into the craft store, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to put on the canvas (and believe me – it’s never, ever a good idea to go into a craft store without some idea of what you want to do). I did know I wanted a monogram of some sort, but wasn’t entirely sure how it would all play out. Although it was only 25 minutes, it felt like much longer as I assessed and reassessed my options.

Then inspiration struck right in the middle of Hobby Lobby. I remembered someone repinning (because all my grand ideas come from Pinterest) a bulletin board with flowers on it. Ten minutes later I was rushing out of the store to see if my idea would actually work. Thankfully, it did!

It was definitely a great addition to the room and (aside from trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do with it) only took about 15 minutes to craft. It’s simple, matches my photo board and adds a unique element to the room. Plus the total cost of the project? About $5. I’ll take it!

While I had a little time, I also crafted a pseudo vase. I saw something similar on pinterest. All it took was a can and some scrapbook paper, which I had on hand anyway from my canvas project. Five minutes later, I’ve got more color to add to the my living room.

And the day isn’t over yet. Later I’m trying out a new recipe (perhaps two) for a semi-potluck and game night. I have to wait until after Spiderman to whip it up, though. I’m always full of surprises… Stay tuned!


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