Back at it

It’s been an off week for me. I don’t know if it’s the traveling or if I’m coming down with something, but my energy level plummeted Monday evening and hasn’t come back. Not only has caffeine not helped, but I even left zumba early yesterday (that’s when you know you’re in trouble…)

Tonight I decided to skip zumba to take it easy. With my night off, I knew it was high time I got back into the kitchen. Plus I’d been meaning to make this lemon chicken with broccoli recipe since Monday night, so I already had the ingredients and recipes ready to go.

About halfway through making the dish, I realized that I hadn’t done anything to tweak the recipe at all. I know — it shocked me too. But naturally as I was reaching the final steps, I found a way to make it my own.

I love having lots of color in my meals, so I threw in some cherry tomatoes on a whim. It also seemed like the lemon chicken wasn’t actually that lemony, and I’m big on flavor. I added more lemon zest but then ultimately added some stir fry sauce I had on hand. It made me wish I had some water chestnuts or baby corn to make it more of a stir fry, but the end result still looked (and tasted) good:

While the recipe is ideally paired with rice, I was in the mood for pasta and decided to run with it. It probably wasn’t an ideal pairing, but I think the extra juice I had from the lemon and stir fry sauce was perfect for whole grain penne.

I’m torn about whether I’d make it again, but it’s definitely a good base recipe for a chicken pasta dish that isn’t heavy with creamy sauces. I’d definitely want to incorporate more vegetables into it, but it wasn’t a bad recipe at all to get me back into the kitchen.

Tonight I also got a few things for my next inspiration/crafting adventure. Stay tuned!


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

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