Another one for the books

I was apparently on a cooking roll this week! I think I set a new personal record with four new recipes in six days, although it helped that I got to try two new dishes for a St. Patrick’s Day BBQ. All this cooking reminded me that I definitely need to get on the ball again with the recipe book I want to create…

But back to the recipes. I’m a sucker for broccoli salad at potlucks and salad bars, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to attempt my own. I found a basic recipe and gave it a shot. Most broccoli salads that I’ve seen also have  dried cranberries and/or nuts of some kind, and that’s something I’ll likely add the next time I make it. I was also a little nervous that the recipe called for red wine vinegar and I only had balsamic vinegar. Thankfully I don’t think it made a huge difference.

Then came a recipe that caused way more headaches than it should have. I was attempting sugar cookie tacos (second recipe down on the page) and this is what the final product turned out to be:

Notice they are not tacos. At all.

Turns out that the fruit tacos were way beyond my culinary skill level. By a stroke of luck, though, I noticed my muffin tin pan when I was reaching for a second baking sheet. It was a risk, but I figured there was a chance I could still salvage my idea and show up with something creative.

The baking process was a bit difficult since I wanted to be sure the sugar cookies still had a cup shape for the fruit filling. Given my level of frustration and the fact that I just had no idea what I was doing, though, I’d say they turned out better than expected. And they’re just so cute! I’d definitely attempt them again for another social event just for that reason. Plus can you really go wrong with sugar cookies and fresh fruit?

I am torn about whether I’d use the whipped topping next time, though. It could be that I didn’t whip the mixture correctly and that’s why it turned out to be runny, but to be honest, the cream didn’t make a noticeable difference to me. We also had fruit tarts without the whipped topping and they were just was good. And since the cream wasn’t running through the bottom of the cookie, it made the presentation better as well (not that I’m ever overly concerned about that).

I’m still a bit bummed my fruit tacos didn’t work out as planned, but both recipes were a success at the BBQ. That’s good enough for me!


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