Office politics

The post isn’t actually about politics or office issues. I just couldn’t think of a catchier title.

In addition to wanting to add crafty and fun decorations to my apartment, I’ve also been looking for some inspiration for my office at work. Things are slowing down just a bit (finally and thankfully!) and I’d like to start making additions before we get swamped again in January. Hopefully I can get my ducks in a row soon enough to start crafting next week.

Something like this might be super cute for keeping track of all my post-it notes and random scraps of paper that I track messages and notes about things I need to follow up on. What I really like is that it’s wood, so it wouldn’t just be your standard photo board with fabric.

Another idea I think would be cute is creating an “L” monograms since Lindsay and I share an office. Hopefully I’d be able to make something this pretty (and ideally with daisies, since it’s the favorite flower for both of us):

I’m also really interested in finding effective yet pretty/inviting ways to organize our office as well. Right now we have three bookshelves that are about half full. While we don’t quite have the cubes you would see at a department, I’m using this as some inspiration (and it also incorporates a monogram letter!):

Those are just the initial ideas. I also want to find some wall art, and lately I’ve been obsessed with canvases. I’m tempted to delve into the world of mod podging, but  I should probably start small.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Are there ways you’ve found (even if it’s just inspiration) to make your office feel a bit more comfortable and trendy? I’ll try to post before and after pictures if/when I get around to my crafty ideas. It always amazes me at how easily I can get inspired by these things but never actually get them done. Perhaps it’s a new year’s action plan to consider for each month…


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