Inspiration strikes

My co-worker introduced me to this pininterest website today that the modern parsonage also has linked on her website, and I’m officially obsessed. I’ve found a couple DIY Christmas present ideas and even a few home decor options I’m eyeing. It’s bad when you’ve got a folder saved on your desktop with 30-some images.

First, I have to say that I love this journal cover:

It’s definitely time to create some magic. I almost want to create a series of three or four images with different words like this for my bedroom. I probably wouldn’t use the mountains, but maybe a beach background or an image pulled from the poster my sister designed for me. Or I could do something like this for my office, since it can get hectic at times. Plus Lindsay and I joked about making our office a spa/retreat, so maybe it would fit with that theme…

Or, if I wanted to add a bit more dimension to my room, I’m thinking about creating these simple canvas words. Not sure what my words would be yet, but I’m guessing it would depend on canvas size/space. I’ve been wanting to add wall shelves to my room, but I’ve heard they’re difficult to secure into the wall, and being that I’m a renter, I’m a little nervous. Still super cute and simple, though:

I was inspired by a few other things as well, but I’ll resist posting them in case I decide to craft them as Christmas gifts. Any other crafty/home decor/DIY project websites I should check out? It’s so inspiring!


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