Baby steps

We’re already a week into August (seriously, where has the summer gone?!) and things are progressing quite nicely. After a weekend with the middle sister and a small break from the gym, I’ve got a renewed focus on my goals.

Find an organization to join. Check! I actually met with the volunteer coordinator for an organization today, and I think it’s going to lead something I’ll really enjoy. I’ve got another potential opportunity as well. I was somewhat surprised, although I probably shouldn’t have been, at how easy it’s been to find volunteer options in the area. The scheduling will be interesting, but I’m excited to get involved with the community I’ve loved for the last three years.

Start my resolution again. This has been a bit harder. I’m still tracking all my miles and have cut back down on soda (and instead reach for iced coffee and at one point a sugar free red bull, so I often wonder if I’m better off just drinking the Diet Coke…) so it still has promise. With my upcoming travels I’m being more calculated in where/when to workout, so hopefully I’ll be able to kick this up a notch.

Stay current on the news. A few times I’ve been asked, “how does following the news make you happy?” I admit I was initially stumped on how to answer. Often the news is depressing to listen to and I’ve struggled to find sources where I feel like I’m learning something. But I love being informed. I love that when people mention the debt crisis, i can follow conversations and have some knowledge about what’s going on in the world. Even if it doesn’t leave me feeling inspired or happy, I feel really good about being informed.

Read 3 books outside my typical genre. I think I’ve got my three books picked out, so the only thing really left to do is curl up and read. That will be the fun part. In fact, it’s what I plan to do after I finish this post…

Make my room a retreat. While I’m really excited about this goal, it also seems overwhelming. What can I do with a limited budget, limited space and limited home decor options because I’m a renter? The middle sister gave some suggestions, so at least there are options starting to form. I’m still loving the desk, but I don’t feel zen in my room yet. It’s definitely a work in progress.

Develop a bucket list. I won’t lie – I haven’t started this at all. But feeling a bit guilty about not even starting it did prompt me to set up a googledoc so I can start jotting down ideas as they come to me. That alone made me feel a bit better.

I’ve found that I’m also trying different challenges as well. I’m working on not complaining or spreading negativity and I’m thinking about doing a detox at some point during the month. It definitely wouldn’t be extreme or liquid-only, but I feel like after a weekend of indulging in food and drinks, I need to get back to fruits, vegetables, rice and fish. I know if nothing else, it’d make my body happy.


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

One response to “Baby steps

  1. Yeah to the challenge of no complaining! And yeah to the detox! Way to be, lady. 🙂

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