Speaking of threes…

I think I’ve started this post about half a dozen times but either the timing seemed off or the entry wasn’t going in a direction I wanted it to. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and just hit publish when I’m done.

If you can’t tell from my blog entries, I love the sisters. I mentioned the other day that I’m a fan of the number three, and it’s in part because of the three sisters. They’re a huge part of who I am. One of my friends joked when he was introducing me to someone that they should be prepared to hear stories primarily involving my sisters, my family and my dogs. Guilty.

We weren’t always close growing up, but these two lovely ladies are my best friends and have been for a number of years. It’s funny – even though they’re younger than me (although everyone tends to think I’m the youngest… must be the height thing), I often think of them as my role models.  They inspire me, challenge me, question me, motivate me and push me (like the zip lining adventure back in May…).

Mostly, though, they just make me happy. My whole family does, really. When I’m with them, it’s like all is right in my world. That’s one of the struggles I face with this whole being-done-with-school/adulthood thing – no more long breaks that give me a chance to spend two weeks at home to regain my sanity and perspective.

But it’s all a part of growing up I suppose. And it should give me good opportunities to travel. Kind of. The middle being in Nebraska doesn’t do me much good, but the location does lend itself to meet-ups like our NKOTBSB concert in KC last weekend (which, by the way, I’m finding is a fantastic conversation starter).  The little is spending the summer in DC and goes to school in Massachusetts. That I can be down for.

One of my favorite destinations, though? Good ol’ South Dakota. Get us all back home with the parents and puppies, and you’ve got all the happiness you need. I think it’s in part because of what this quote talks about – “To the outside world we all grow old.  But not to brothers and sisters.  We know each other as we always were.  We know each other’s hearts.  We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.  We live outside the touch of time.” Clara Ortega

That’s another thing about the sisters. We love our quotes. Naturally I have three favorite sisters quotes:

“Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” Carol Saline

“Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.” Margaret Mead

“I know some sisters who only see each other on Mother’s Day and some who will never speak again.  But most are like my sister[s] and me… linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best.” Patricia Volk

Couldn’t be more true. ♥

[Sidenote update: I should also mention that the middle and the little are hilarious. Seriously.]


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I'm a twentysomething young professional living in Nebraska. My blog centers on the things I love - my family, dogs, friends, crafting, cooking, life chats and health. All these things help me lead the good life, and isn't that really what it's all about?

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