More progress

Because I love things that come in threes, here’s three updates on my own quasi-happiness project.

Less Closet Clutter
The mission to de-clutter my room continues! Last Friday I got out of work a little early since I’d logged extra hours with all my traveling. It gave me two hours to lose myself in my closet. I’d managed to already pull out some clothes I didn’t wear anymore, but this time I was ruthless. I threw out 16 shirts. Not donated or saved – literally put in a trash bag and promptly in the dumpster to not regret my decision. They were primarily workouts shirts and tanks that shouldn’t be worn by anyone, so there’s been no remorse so far.

While the grungy shirts were more or less no-brainers, the other clothes were a bit harder to tackle. Somewhat taking advice from the book, I started small with my Goodwill pile. I’d had a small bag started from a few weeks ago, so my first run-through I just found a few shirts that I could part with. Then I went through the closet again, finding more clothes that I don’t wear or that don’t fit right. I did this about three  or four times, each time pulling out shirts that (when I honestly asked myself) I never wear. Before I knew it the Goodwill pile I started with had tripled. And instead of feeling sad to see so many empty space in my closet, I actually felt energized. It’s great to be able to go through my closet knowing that I’d wear any one of those shirts.

The professional clothes is the final hurdle I’m facing in my closet – at least clothes wise (don’t get me started on the totes and boxes that line the shelves…). I suffer from a problem where, if I know I need black dress pants, I’ll go out and end up buying black dress pants even if they don’t look that great. I haven’t built up a wide array or good stock of dress clothes yet, so I’m hesitant to throw anything out just yet. But what’s the point in having black dress pants that I hate wearing because they look like crap on me taking up space in my closet?

Reuniting with the Elliptical
Last week about this time, my body hated me. It’s only day two of the fresh start I wanted, and I literally feel a million times better. Heck, just walking into the gym last night made me feel better. In a few weeks it will probably be old and I’ll have to convince myself to go, but being back on the elliptical and not facing a heat index of 115? Not having just three pieces of exercise equipment to choose from in a hotel gym? Pure joy! It’s time for me to start logging some real miles and topping my Juneathon accomplishments.

Getting in Touch with Old Friends/Bosses/Etc.
This was a new thing I decided to try based on the Happiness Project book. My roommate is attempting it too, and I have to admit that first I didn’t know what to think of it. While cleaning out keepsakes and finding old cards from bosses and work samples, we both commented that we wished we would have stayed in touch with people. Well, there’s no time like the present.

Last night I wrote a greeting card to one of my old internship bosses. I actually wrote about her in my graduate school application and she’s the one who initially gave me the ambition to run my own nonprofit someday. Watching her operate on a day-to-day basis years ago amazed me, and to this day I still try to model a lot of her work traits and skills. This lady is absolutely fantastic, but I don’t know that she ever knew how much she impacted the direction of my career.

Soon she will, though. Like I said, it was kind of weird at first. How do you start a letter to someone you haven’t spoken to in a couple years? But dropping that card in the mail today left me feeling like a million bucks. And if it reconnects me with someone who was that influential to me, then it will definitely bring some extra happiness to my life. Now it’s time to plot who the next recipient will be.


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