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I ran across this link on twitter yesterday, and I’m pretty sure the author is one of my role models now. (I love that on the “about me” section of her website she mentions that she’s Midwestern, meaning she’s “irrepressibly friendly.” I hear ya.)

Her article about running hits on a lot of what I’m experiencing as I take up jogging. Number two is something I’ve talked about a lot on my blog, and I’ve gained a good understanding of number three. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to stop jogging to walk while I’m out, but nothing really hurts. It’s just uncomfortable and my body is still adapting to running. No wonder it’s such a mental thing…

What I love, though, is number 5. The mental tricks article I linked a few weeks ago were great, but at one point a comment was made that if you trick your mind into getting out for a run even when you don’t want to, you can get in a quick 5 mile run. That would be the death of me. At least right now.

What was inspiring about Juneathon was also what made it somewhat discouraging for me. I felt silly logging my 1.25 miles when others were easily getting in 5 or 10 mile runs on a given day. But like the author of the article says, you have to celebrate your own small accomplishments. I hadn’t ever run consistently in my life up until Juneathon, so running my first straight mile a few weeks ago? Rock star. I may not easily get 5 miles in, but at least I’m jogging consistently now and can tell I’m making progress.

Oh, and the author is right about one more thing. Things that suck can also be awesome. Most mornings I put an extra emphasis on the ‘suck’ part.


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